The Resources/Facilities Committee is charged with finding and reserving space for the fair on an area campus; renting videos and films to be shown at the fair (Appendix A lists distributors and organizations); obtaining any audiovisual equipment needed by fair participants; setting-up (decorations, chairs, tables, podiums, microphones) of the fair and meeting spaces; arranging for refreshments, and lunches for the organizational representatives if the fair spans the lunch hour; and preparing and disseminating information about the fair and resources dealing with social change careers.

The following fair resources and information should be offered before the fair and at registration:

  • A booklet containing reproductions of the questionnaires completed by participating organizations. Appendix I provides a sample form. The questionnaires should provide students with a group's statement of purpose, recent acdvities, staff size, internship and volunteer opportunities and a contact name. Ask groups to type their responses so that the forms can be easily compiled and reproduced for release to students before and during the fair.

    Some career placement offices will keep the questionnaires on hand after the fair (and update and expand upon them) for future use by students interested in careers with social change groups.

  • A pocketed binder containing the questionnaires and additional information provided by the organization, e.g. brochures, newsletters and fact sheets. This also should be made available in an office for interested students to look through before the fair.

  • A floor plan of the fair (see "Careers Fair Structure" for a sample blueprint) and list of groups in attendance with booth numbers.

  • A social change bibliography listing books, articles and other resources that describe the nature and scope of social change work and publications and services listing jobs in the public interest field. Appendix T provides some essentials for such a list.

  • Sample copies of books and resources such as those listed in Appendix T.