STUDENT: Hello. I'm calling from State University to talk to [name of organization] about recruiting students from our campus. Can you tell me the name of someone who can help me?

ORGANIZATION: Janice Brown is in charge of personnel. I'll connect you.

STUDENT: Hello, Ms. Brown. My name is Fred Donahue, and I'm calling from State University to talk to you about an Alternative Careers Fair that we are organizing.

We are planning an event for early April and are inviting 50 social change organizations from this area to attend. [Sponsors X, Y and Z] are sponsoring the event. And Ralph Nader will addressing the students that morning. We expect that more than 1,000 students will attend. Do you think that [name of organization] might be interested in participating?

ORGANIZATION: I'm not sure. We'd like to but... we're very busy here.

STUDENT: This Alternative Careers Fair would give you the opportunity to reach hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers, interns and potential employees at one time. You would have a table for the day to talk to students and distribute materials about [name of organization], and you would also be able to show a brief video about your work or participate in a panel about social change careers.

The students at State U. have demonstrated an increasing interest in the opportunities offered by non-profit organizations and in the issues that [name of organization] works on. We believe they would be a very receptive audience.

ORGANIZATION: It does sound interesting. But how much does it cost to attend this careers fair?

STUDENT: There is no fee for participating organizations. The host schools are absorbing the costs in order to give their students a chance to gain exposure to nonprofit organizations. Your only cost would be your travel expenses.

ORGANIZATION: That certainly makes it easier for us. When would this be?

STUDENT: We are planning to hold the fair on April 10, 1991 in Memorial Hall on the State University campus. A representative from [name of organization] would be needed to staff an information table from about noon until 5 p.m.

ORGANIZATION: I think we could do that. We have a great video about our last project which the students should really love.

STUDENT: I'm glad that you're interested. How long does the video run?

ORGANIZATION: About 15 minutes.

STUDENT: That sounds perfect. I'll send you a letter with all of the logistical information. Please do not hesitate to call me if you have any more questions. My name is Fred Donahue. Organization: Thank you, Fred.

STUDENT: Thank you for your time.